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Filles De Kilimanjaro +1
Bitches Brew (4 channel & 2 channel Hybrid SACD)
'Round About Midnight (Jazz Collection 1000 series)
Miles In Tokyo (Jazz Collection 1000 series)
Quiet Nights (Jazz Collection 1000 series)
The Miles Davis / Tadd Dameron Quintet  In Paris Festival International De Jazz May, 1949 (Jazz Collection 1000 series)
We Want Miles (Japan, jazz collection 1000 series)
Live Miles: More Music From The Legendary Carnegie Hall Concert
(Japan, jazz collection 1000 series)
In Person, Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco, Vol. 2
(Japan, jazz collection 1000 series)
In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco, Vol. 1
(Japan, jazz collection 1000 series)
At Carnegie Hall (jazz collection 1000 series)
Miles At The Fillmore: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3 (Blu-spec-CD2)
The Original Mono Recordings (Blu-spec CD2)
Miles Davis Masterpiece Collection Box Set (Blu-spec-CD2)
Live in Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 (Blu-spec-CD)
Live in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1 (Blu-spec-CD)
Sketches Of Spain +3
Bitches Brew Live
Kind Of Blue (Blu-spec LP-Sleeve)
Bitches Brew 40th Anniversary Legacy Edition
Sketches Of Spain (Legacy Edition)
Filles De Kilimanjaro (SACD)

Get Up With It (SACD)
In A Silent Way (SACD)
Live - Evil (SACD)
Seven Steps To Heaven (SACD)
Sorcerer (SACD)
Quiet Nights (SACD)
Kind Of Blue (Blu-spec CD)
'Round About Midnight (Blu-spec-CD)
Bitches Brew (Blu-spec-CD)
My Funny Valentine (Blu-spec CD)
On The Corner (Blu-spec-CD)
Miles Ahead (Blu-spec CD)
Milestones (Blu-spec CD)
Sketches Of Spain (Blu-spec CD)
Four & More (Blu-spec CD)
Miles In Tokyo (Blu-spec CD)
E.S.P. (Blu-spec CD)
Miles Smiles (Blu-spec CD)
In A Silent Way (Blu-spec CD
A Tribute To Jack Johnson (Blu-spec CD)
Live - Evil (Blu-spec CD)
Miles Davis At Fillmore (Blu-spec CD)
Get Up With It (Blu-spec CD)
Agharta (Blu-spec CD)
Pangaea (Blu-spec CD
You`re Under Arrest (Blu-spec CD)
1958 Miles (Blu-spec CD)
Porgy And Bess (Blu-spec CD)
Someday My Prince Will Come (Blu-spec CD)
Seven Steps To Heaven (Blu-spec CD)
Miles Davis In Europe (Blu-spec CD)
Miles In Berlin (Blu-spec CD)
Sorcerer (Blu-spec CD)
Nefertiti (Blu-spec CD)
The Man With The Horn (Blu-spec CD)
We Want Miles (Blu-spec CD)
The Essential Miles Davis  (Blu-spec-CD)
Kind Of Blue (Legacy Edition)
The Original Jacket Collection (Mini-LP Limited Edition)
'Round About Midnight (Hybrid SACD)
Milestones (Hybrid SACD)
Kind Of Blue (Hybrid SACD)
Sketches Of Spain (Hybrid SACD)
Someday My Prince Will Come (Hybrid SACD)
My Funny Valentine (Hybrid SACD)
Four & More (Hybrid SACD)
In A Silent Way (Hybrid SACD)
Bitches Brew (Hybrid SACD)
On The Corner (Hybrid SACD)